Backup Solution

Onsite & offsite backups solution in Calgary

Small to medium businesses are at more risk than ever before from data loss and hacking. In fact, recent information shows that up to 90% of businesses in Canada have lost sensitive data through being compromised. How many of these businesses made sure their data was backed up? It’s impossible to say, but if you’re not protecting your sensitive information, there is a risk of you losing it for good.

Two Trees Studio provide best in class solutions for all your backup and disaster recovery needs, with hardware and software solutions. Our packages ensure your critical data, files, pictures, etc., are safeguarded automatically, securely, every day. Our small business and enterprise backup solutions, protect the smallest desktop to the largest enterprise server – 5 GB to 50 TB and more, with a package to suit your needs.

All businesses should have a backup and recovery plan in place. You never truly know when the worst possible scenario is going to happen. Data recovery is more than just insurance against potential harm. It is about safeguarding your customers’ sensitive data, as well as your revenue and reputation.

We offer a variety of data protection solutions based on the businesses risk profile and budget, including:

  • Onsite scheduled backup.
  • Real time recover backup.
  • Server based backup.
  • Online cloud backup.
  • Onsite virtual server backup.
  • Fully managed backup with data duplication.

Should a disaster occur such as a hard drive fail or your systems become corrupted we can provide:

  • Data and system restoration.
  • File recovery from deletion, corruption or cryptolocker.
  • Physical damage data recovery.
  • Forensic data analysis.

Our experts can streamline Backups and Recovery with solutions that are developed specifically for your business. Whether the right solution for you is the Cloud services, Virtualisation or Physical Storage, we will guide you through the selection process and help find the right type of protection for your organisation.

Businesses without full time IT resources are the most vulnerable to catastrophic data loss.

(almost 50% do not survive!)