Windows 10


Update to Windows 10 the easy way, with a customised strategy for seamless transition without disrupting your business. HP’s Windows 10 Migration Suite encompasses all services customers can purchase from HP to migrate PC’s from their current Operating System to Windows 10.

On January 14, 2020, standard support for Windows 7 will end. Since many companies have already done so, demand for migration is declining, but there are still some companies seeking help just ahead of the end of the support. As such, project leaders of IT teams may be in a haste searching the right consultant and project management specialist after they perform the initial planning. In this column, we will discuss some things you should be aware of in terms of procurement, OS configuration and deployment doing business in multiple languages and with multiple countries.

Windows 10 Migrations Made Easy

Full support for Windows 7 support ends January 14, 2020 – and Windows 8.1 ends in January 2023 – making Windows 10 migration an impending responsibility.

Contact us today to make this digital deadline a done deal through custom Windows 10 migration services that include:

  • Infrastructure and requirements analysis
  • Design and planning analysis
  • Environment and process development
  • IT support and endpoint management solutions