CFM Vacuum Systems Solutions

Vacuum systems are specifically designed for applications such as dust collection, bottle and tube filling, degassing, filtration, and packaging. Powerex offers oil less rotary vane, lubricated rotary vane and claw models to fit most medical, laboratory, and industrial applications.

Vacuum Systems Line

Kaeser Rotary Screw Vacuum Package

Kaeser’s rotary screw vacuum package feature a sigma profile airend specifically designed for vacuum applications such as tube filling, drying, dust collection, packaging, filtration, and degassing. The rugged design combines ease of use with exceptional reliability and simple maintenance

Powerex Medical Vacuum Claw

The claw pump design is extremely efficient and has very low maintenance cost; because there is no actual contact between the rotors and the cylinder wall, parts that need replacing or required maintenance is minimized. This technology is suitable for dedicated waste anesthesia gas disposal systems (WAGD).

Powerex Medical Vacuum Lubricated Rotary Vane

The lubrication from the oil in this pump results in higher efficiencies, lower operating temperatures and lower sound levels than oil-less designs. The lubricated vane design also results in the highest ultimate vacuum levels of all the technologies.

Powerex Medical Vacuum Oil-less Rotary Vane

This is a cost-effective solution for applications where oil is not desirable. The simple design requires less routine maintenance than an oil-flooded pump and has a lower initial cost compared to other dry pump designs.

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