The Bachelor of Indigenous Leadership & Management Program is centered on our unique First Nation perspective and economic world view.

The development of a transfer credit agreement between Old Sun Community College (OSCC) and Mount Royal University (MRU) assessed transferability of OSCC Business Diploma courses to MRU resulted in the foundational design of a Bachelor of Indigenous Leadership and Management degree program and the sanctioned Indigenous Concentration with MRU.


OSCC continuously strives to strengthen relationships with Community and to adhere to the projected needs in the area of academics, Siksika Knowledge and Language.

One of the goals identified was in the area of business and economic development, political and policy development, Aboriginal and Treaty law, business leadership and management. A business program positioned with an Indigenous/Siksika perspective and it’s unique world view was developed under the guidance of Siksika Knowledge Keepers and Siksika Nation community members.

Old Sun Community College

Current and Upcoming

The first cohort for the program began in September of 2023 (Year 3 Students – 4 Students)

The development of a curriculum and course pathway that is inclusive of Old Sun College interdisciplinary & Siksika Knowledge course offerings including BILMP courses have been developed in Year 1 & 2 of the degree program.

Current Structure of the program involves a true 50-50 split in curriculum and course pathway:

Siksika Knowledge Courses with Transfer Credit

Business Courses developed by OSCC:

    1. Social Innovation through a Cross-Cultural Lens
    2. Indigenous Leadership
    3. Treaty Law and Business
    4. Indigenous Business Management
    5. Sustainability from the Blackfoot Perspective
    6. Ethics from an Indigenous Lens
    7. Indigenous Entrepreneurship
    8. Siksika Knowledge Transfer and Inclusive Workplace
    9. Community Relations, Engagement and Negotiations
      • Part 1: Community Planning from an Indigenous Perspective Or Indigenous Community Planning Models
      • Part 2: Community Planning & Practice: Economic Drivers


Currently, OSCC is accepting applications for Fall 2024; criteria for selections are being finalized through ongoing collaborations with our partners at MRU.

The launching of the program within the Mount Royal University community is TBD; discussion meeting scheduled for April 23, 2024.