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This project is all about modernizing a traditional space.  Really pretty space with a lot of oak trim, cabinets and baseboards.  We are changing all of the trim to a simple flat profile, the new cabinets will have a flat front and the interior doors are a 3 equal panels.  We are taking down the popcorn ceiling and replacing with a smooth flat surface.  We are replacing the carpet with a new beautiful hardwood floor and painting everything out in warm colours.  We are also adding some new pendants and updated pot lights.  One of the main changes in this space is a very prominent staircase surrounded by a pony wall (that is a wall that is only about 3 ft high).  As you can see from the before pictures the pony wall really closes off the space, we are taking it out and building a new glass railing to open up the space…take a look.

As always, don’t forget to check out the bottom of the post for some T&T (Tips & Tricks)

Take a look at this after demo photo.  Just taking out that pony wall makes an incredible difference in the feel of the space.  It is now nice and open and looks a lot bigger.

So this is also a before picture of the existing kitchen.  In this case we are preserving the countertops and backsplash.  We are removing the upper cabinets and refacing the lower.  All of this oak will be gone.

All that popcorn is gone, it actually makes the space seem bigger and it will add to our modernization of the project.

Look at the mantel on the fireplace, this is a great example of the traditional oak we see so much of in Calgary.  We will be adding a new modern mantel.

Well here is our new railing for the staircase, it will be filled with glass and stained a deep rich grey/brown when it is finished.  We also moved it over to the edge of the stairs to gain some more space.  You can also see in this picture that we are testing paint colours, we like to try a few to get it just right.

These are our new interior doors.  We will have flat front cabinets so we wanted a little detail on our doors.  Along with the flat casings (trim) this will be a beautiful modern addition.

T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T – When picking paint colours, understand that you may love the colour on the paint chip but you really need to see it in your space, with your light.  Always have your designer pick two or three that are close to the colour that you love and try them out in the space.  The same colour will look different in different spaces.

T&T – Refacing your cabinets can save a lot of costs and you can still have a “new” kitchen.  Replacing doors and gables (the side part of the cabinet) can really go a long way to changing how your kitchen looks without the cost of a brand new kitchen.  Also, just lacquering your wood cabinets to a solid colour is a fantastic way to update your kitchen or bath.

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