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It is so exciting to start a project, all the planning and time choosing beautiful things, scheduling trades, finalizing construction schedules…after all that, it is really exciting to get to demo day.  So this project is out in Springbank, a large beautiful home with an amazing yard with a pool in the back, but like a lot of homes built years ago, it is ready for some updating.  We are totally gutting the master bath, adding on to the kitchen island, brand new carpet throughout and beautiful quartz on all the counters.  We are keeping the existing hardwood floors but painting all the trim, walls and ceilings.  All new LED potlights and some pretty light fixtures.  Let’s take a look…

Don’t forget to check out T&T (Tips and Tricks) at the bottom of the post.

Looking into the master bath from the master bedroom, we are moving the entrance and placing the bed on a different wall.

This is a before picture of the master bath, looking towards the corner tub, we are taking this out and putting in a beautiful free standing tub instead.

This is looking right from the tub.  We are preserving the vanity but spraying it out in lacquer, adding new countertops and a tile wall, it will be beautiful.

One more view of the existing master bath.  We are removing this shower and putting in a 6 foot x 4 foot steam shower with glass walls.  It will really open up the space, we are also adding a new in floor heating system to stay warm and toasty on cold winter days.

You can see here the location of the new entrance, we have reduced the size of the opening to match the doors in the rest of the space.  This allows us to reconfigure and allow a large shower.  As well the master bedroom itself will become much more useable.

We are taking out the existing tile floor, shower and bathtub.

Same view as our before pictures, looking towards the tub, or at least where it used to be.

Looking towards the old entrance from inside the master bath.  Notice the rectangular opening in the new framing, that will be our new shampoo niche in the shower.

T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T – When removing an existing tile floor, allow time and budget for a possible new sub floor and a great deal more time to take it out.  Not every contractor puts in a tile floor correctly, sometimes it is actually glued down, so when you chip it out, your sub floor comes with it.  That means, it is really hard to get it out, so more time for your contractor and you will have to put in a new sub floor.


T&T – When framing in a new shower, that is your opportunity to add a built in niche to hold shampoo and soap, the tiler can tile inside it.  Once the walls are framed and drywalled,  you can’t add it afterwards without a lot of expense.  So think about it before you start framing.


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