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This project is coming along really well and all the final finishes are going in now.  I will take you through a few more rooms to show you the progress, but today I want to focus on what I like to call your “Canvas”, this includes all of your selections for floors, walls and ceilings…in other words, your Canvas.  Think of the canvas like a “Little Black Dress” it is beautiful on it’s own but with jewelry and shoes (furniture, lighting fixtures, art) can make a very personal statement…

As always, look at the bottom of the post for some T&T (Tips and Tricks)



Ok, so this home needed a lot of selections, it has five bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and 4 fireplaces…we needed tile, stone, countertops and flooring, but of course we wanted it to work together beautifully.  We shopped and shopped and edited down, and have found a beautiful “family” of products that will make this home look amazing…let’s take a look.


Look at the number of selections we had to make in this home, now this is a large home, but every project needs a good “Canvas” in order to work.  We have hardwood in the middle, floor and wall tile, countertops and stone for the fireplaces.  Notice how everything works together…that is important to achieve a seamless looking home.

I will list the names of the selections in a later post…stay tuned.













Love all this carpet, the first one is the main carpet for the home, it will go in the basement, the basement stairs and also as a runner up the main staircase.  The next three will be area rugs in various places in the home.



We like to try a few different paint colours when making colour choices, as neutral colours can take on a pink, green or blue tone, you never know what it will look like until you try it in the space.  Here the colour we picked has a couple of samples underneath.  In this project we left all the ceilings white.


Wall Paint – Cloverdale Smoky CA032






Ok, couldn’t resist showing you a little sneak peak of installed tile.   This is the master bath floor tile, it is looking great…more to come…

  This beautiful natural marble in the foyer is stunning, can’t wait to show you the final results…



Shower wall tile going in the bath, see the space left partway up the wall, it is for our accent tiles, it will look great.











I simply had to show you this main fireplace, isn’t it gorgeous.

We laid a little bit of the hardwood flooring in front to get an idea of how it will look together…so excited to show you the final result…


Granite – Cygnus






T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T – When choosing your finishes, first start with what is already there, if you have existing granite or flooring that is not being changed, use that as your starting point, add products that work with your existing finishes.  Whether you are adding to a space or starting from scratch, creating a family of products is your best choice in achieving beautiful results.  The idea being, you can take any one of the products and use it with any other of the products in any configuration, that is a sign of a fabulous family of products.

T&T – If you need area rugs in your home, how about using broadloom (wall to wall) and cutting it to size…  There are so many choices now in carpet… patterns, textures and colours.  Any carpet supplier will make a custom area rug for you in exactly the size you need, they finish the edges and it looks fabulous.    It is a very economical way to get a beautiful area rug made for your space.


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