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We are well underway on this project. Our plumbing and electrical have passed inspection, our new walls are built, drywall is complete, old carpet has been removed, and we are starting our finishing.  We also have completed building our new island, a tower in the master bath and a new laundry room counter.  We need to spray all of our trim, doors, ceilings and cabinets, before we paint the walls.   We use lacquer spray for cabinets but a water based product for our window sills and ceilings.  It is a big process and is very messy as well as stinky…take a look.


Don’t forget to check out T&T (Tips & Tricks) at the bottom of the post.

We have built out this island to add some room for 4 guests to sit, as well as a new built in charging station.

Adding a tower when there is room in a bathroom is a great way to get some extra storage, and it looks pretty too.

Our new entrance to the master bath, trimmed and ready to paint.

A nice new laundry room counter adds a much needed space for folding and storage.

Here we are testing colours for the walls and trim, it is really important to try the colours in the space to determine if they work.  The top two colours are our final choices for walls and accents, and the off white surrounding them is our trim.

Spraying has begun, in this picture this fireplace cap will be a dark grey, what you are seeing is just primer.

Here we are testing colours in a different part of the house to see how the colours look in different light, once again, it is important to test before you paint.

We are preparing the kitchen cabinets for spraying.  Preparation for spraying takes longer than actually spraying.

We have a ways to go on this project but we are on schedule.  Tiling starts next week and our beautiful new steam shower will start to take shape…stay tuned for more updates.


T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T – If you are spraying out any cabinets, have your contractor fill in the holes made by your existing hardware, that way you can put in any style of hardware you like and not have to fit the original holes.

T&T – Make sure your contractor uses water based spray for your window sills, oil based lacquer will not allow moisture through and your finish will end up cracking, but water based allows water to go through and not crack the finish.


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