Hello Everyone,

Now that our space has fully passed all of our building, plumbing and electrical inspections, we are closing up the walls and starting our finishing. Our beautiful flooring is going in, our trim is being installed and our amazing stairwell is in.  Next come the cabinets, countertops and lighting.  Here are some progress pictures.

As always, look at the bottom of the post for some T&T (Tips & Tricks)



Take a look at this before picture of our amazing staircase.  Because this staircase is the first thing you see when you walk in the house, we wanted it to be beautiful.

Here is the progress picture of our new staircase, we chose a simple clean design and a group of 3 metal spindles.  We made the staircase in oak to match our floors…

We decided to finish the staircase in the same stain as the hardwood floors.  We wanted the staircase to be a beautiful element as soon as you walk into the house, but because it is in the middle of the space we did not want it to take over.

Another pic of our staircase being finished.  Staining is not just simply putting on the stain and wiping it off, it really is an art and you can see from these first pics, that we still don’t have the final finish.  The finisher uses many methods of shading, with brush and cloth as well as a spray gun with lacquer, the final finish has many layers.

Drywall is happening all through the space, it is such an exciting phase of a project, this is when you really get a feel for size of the rooms.  We have a beautiful new front door and sidelights coming.  What you are seeing is the original front door, can’t wait to show you the finished product.

This one is looking towards the kitchen, you can see how different it looks with the drywall, take a look a DESIGN IN PROGRESS #1 for some before pics of this one.

This is our master suite and you can see that we have completed our drywall.  In this picture we are sanding down our sub floor.  This way we create a really perfect surface for our hardwood flooring.  It gets rid of any drywall mud that may have landed on the floor, as well as any debris.

Our beautiful hardwood floors are going in and they look amazing.

You can see that our floors have a very warm feeling to them, but note that there is a grey undertone, as well, we wanted the grain to show so white oak was the very best choice.

T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T – When picking and building a staircase, always consider whether they will be clad in carpet or hardwood.  It really does make a difference as the stairs are build differently.  Carpet and hardwood have different depths, so the stairs need to be built to accommodate that.  It may just be 1/2 inch, but you would feel it when you walk on the stairs.


T&T – Wood finishes are a big part of any renovation, try not to get too many different types in your hard surfaces.  I usually use two extensively, hardwood and cabinets and if necessary I add a third for impact.


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