Hello Everyone,

Well, we are finally starting to see some of our beautiful cabinets, countertops and stone in the kitchen, baths and custom closets.  Our countertops are templated, all the stunning cabinet hardware is on site and our stone for the fireplaces is in.  We have a lot of rooms with cabinets in this project and it is definitely a process to install all of them.  Here are a few pics of our progress…take a look.


As always, take a look at the bottom of this post for some T&T (Tips and Tricks)

Ok, so here is another view of the beautiful new kitchen, the boxes are mostly in, but our doors are not all installed.

A view from the pantry, so many cabinets for storage and a little change in finish for interest.

Gorgeous island is front and centre in this kitchen renovation, a great gathering place for family and friends.

A great shot showing off our new quartz countertops, they are so pretty.

In this picture, we have our doors on, glass installed and you can see the pretty hardware for the cabinets.

Master bath cabinets going in, they will have two towers and a pretty vanity area.

Towers are in and the countertop has been install, we will add, plumbing fixtures, and hardware.

Take a look at this gorgeous hardware for the master bath.

We can’t forget the basement, here is a pic of our new fireplace.

Look at our chrome interior door hardware, they are a detail that elevates our space and worth the investment.

Our master bedroom seating area fireplace, we are adding two chaise loungers and the fireplace will bring the romance.

One of our four bathrooms vanity and countertops are in.

T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T – Cabinet and door hardware can truly add some drama to your space.  Don’t be afraid to add a little bling, hardware is the one thing that you usually don’t need a lot of, so go ahead and pick the best one.

T&T – Make sure when you are planning your cabinetry (not just in the kitchen) that you take the time to really understand how you will use them.  In a master closet for instance, take a look at your wardrobe and figure out if you need a lot of storage for cocktail and formal dress, are you someone who attends a lot of fundraisers etc…do you need a place to store all of your workout gear, how about jewelry?  Once again, taking the time to plan your space to suit your specific needs will go a long way to you being happy with the finished product.

Let’s work together…