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This project has been an absolute joy to work on, not only did we get to plan and design the space, we now get to fill it with beautiful things.  First we needed a furniture plan, this will help guide you when you are looking for furniture.  You will know exactly what size of sofa will fit the space, how many chairs can fit and what size tables you need.  Once again, planning goes a long way to creating your beautiful results…take a look…

Planning your furniture will really go a long way to ensuring that everything fits and will guide you when purchasing.

These are our beautiful fabrics for a fully custom master bedroom, from the amazing headboard and rails to chaise loungers and beautiful pillows, don’t be afraid to mix shades of colour.  We used a smoky lavender for our base, but introduced various shades of purple, together they create gorgeous layers.

Some of our pieces have started to arrive, this is our pretty Restoration Hardware table and chairs for the kitchen area.  We had custom cushions made to go with the rest of the space.

Our amazing fabrics for sofas, chairs and ottomans, look at the way the colours all work together, and don’t forget scale, we have a smaller scale fabric on the multi coloured and a larger scale on the damask.  Mixing sizes of pattern and colour will create a beautiful result.

Pretty wallpaper in the dining room and master bedroom adds colour and interest and finishes the rooms.

More items every day, another Restoration Hardware piece for the living room.

This project has a long way to go before we are ready for our final photo shoot, our custom furniture will not be in until late October, so stay tuned, we can’t wait to show you the final result.


T&T (Tip & Tricks)

T&T – Always take some time to draw up a furniture plan, make sure it is to scale.  Once you are shopping you can always refer to the plan to make sure a piece will fit, it will also let you know which pieces you need.  If you look closely at the furniture plan in this post, you will see some small lines on the outside of the plan, these represent one foot each, another guide to help you make the right choices.

T&T – Please do not match all your items or colours.  Varying shades of the same colour create beautiful layers.  Choose items that work well together, don’t purchase a living room “set” for instance.  Pick your pieces so they compliment each other and create interest in the room.

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