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This project is a wonderful home in Aspen Woods, finished beautifully, but…the basement really needed some updating.  This family wanted a space they could be in together, playing foosball, watching movies and also they didn’t want to run upstairs every time they needed a snack.   Let’s take a look…


This basement started with some good “bones”, lots of space but no extras.  We decided that an entertainment unit and mini bar were in order.  We had an alcove in the main wall which we removed and a built in nook that would serve as a new mini bar.  We then selected some beautiful wallpaper accents, a gorgeous white quartz countertop, a light fixture with lots of pizazz and some new fresh paint.

So…where do we start, well planning of course.  Take a look at the drawings for the space, they include an entertainment unit, mini bar and plenty of room for furniture and a foosball table.  And as always look at the bottom of this post for some T&T (Tips and Tricks)  Here are some pics…


Ok, here are the drawings for the new space.  Top left is the new nook with a bar and some great wallpaper and shelves. The top right is a floor plan, it is important to understand how the overall space is going to work, you can see the main entertainment space with the new entertainment unit and how new furniture will fit.  The space to the left is left open for a play area.   The bottom left is the new entertainment unit and bench.





  This is a close up of the new entertainment unit, we designed the unit with the client’s needs in mind.  Open shelving for video games, tall cabinets for pool cues and lots of storage for books and board games.  On the right hand side there is a built in bench to sit and watch a rousing game of foosball.






Here is a before of the wall that the new entertainment unit is going.  There is a little alcove in the middle that was probably added for interest, but in this case we are covering it up to allow for the new cabinets.







The alcove had the cutest play castle which we moved to the play area of the basement to make room for our fantastic new bar.









T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T – Always take the time to plan a space and understand everything you want to accomplish BEFORE you start getting prices.  Putting a plan together will go a long way to accurate quotes and all the trades understanding their part of the job.  You end up with a project that is on time, and on budget with no surprises.

T&T – When planning for an entertainment area, always take into consideration all of the electronic components you have, and some you may want for the future.  We can design a clean “wire free” space by installing conduits behind the scenes.  All your cords and wires are built-in and hidden so you are left with a very clean, beautiful unit.


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