Here are the final pictures for our wonderful project in Aspen Woods.  You can see all the finishing touches, from fabulous wallpaper to a chrome ribbon light fixture.  We finished construction of this project in 6 weeks, plus deficiencies, planning makes all the difference.  The custom furniture took a lot longer to come in, but it is worth the wait.

Our focus in this project was “family togetherness”. We custom designed an entertainment unit with a bench on one side, and room for a huge TV screen and lots of storage for favourite games and movies. We added a custom sectional sofa and ottomans for lots of comfy seating for family and guests. And who doesn’t like a little snack and drink while watching a movie together…so we put in a fabulous bar, with some amazing wallpaper and a light fixture that steals the show. This family can now all be together, and enjoy the view.  To see all the before pictures for this project… check out DESIGN IN PROGRESS – Aspen Woods, Calgary, Alberta #1 and #2 in the blog.

And as always look for T&T (Tips and Tricks) at the bottom of this post.

Take a look at the hanging fireplace, this is a great addition to a basement without the expense of a built in fireplace.  This one has crystals and changes colour, really pretty.

This wallpaper is amazing in person, and it doesn’t photograph to shabby…wallpaper can be a fantastic way to define a space and add some impact.   The light fixture is the first thing you see walking down the stairs into the basement, it was our one opportunity to bring some pizzazz into the space.

The entertainment unit is the heart of the room and really makes the room look complete.  It provides a pretty focal point and lots of storage.

Another view from the seating area, so pretty.

A nice close up of the wallpaper and some pretty shelves to add interest.

T&T (Tips & Tricks)

T&T – Take a deep breath and know that renovating your home is a process, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.  Take the time to plan and hire the right designer and you will have the home you want, on time and on budget…

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