Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work

The Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work at Old Sun Community College is a comprehensive four-year program requiring 120 credit hours to complete. It includes 39 credits from 13 courses focused on Siksika knowledge and language. Each summer, students participate in a Culture Camp, enriching their understanding of Indigenous traditions. The program also includes two community learning placements (practicums) and incorporates contemporary practice skills and issues through workshops and training, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their careers.

Transformative Indigenous Social Work Program

Old Sun Community College aspires to develop an Indigenous Social Work program that embodies a relational approach, fostering connections and mutual support. This program will be trauma-informed, ensuring a deep understanding of the impacts of trauma and promoting healing. It will be free of judgment and comparison, creating a safe space where individuals are valued for their unique strengths. The program will reject coercive and authoritarian methods, focusing instead on empowerment and strengths-based practices. Emphasizing healing and wellness, it will be inclusive, fostering a sense of belonging for all participants. Creativity, resourcefulness, collaboration, and cooperation will be key components, supporting a balanced approach to the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspects of human life.