Spirit Helper

Old Sun Community College & U Calgary Nursing has designed this Indigenous Nursing Program to support the enrollment & success of future Registered Nursing students from Siksika & surrounding Indigenous communities. This unique program integrates our indigenous knowledge with the input from local & surrounding Elders & Knowledge Keepers.

Iiyikinaami—Spirit Helper Bachelor of Science in Nursing Indigenous community Route is a program designed to support the enrollment & success of future Registered Nurses in Siksika & surrounding Indigenous communities.
There are many pathways & opportunities that the Field of nursing opens up.

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Nursing Program

This is an expanded program over 5 years to include a first year for upgrading courses at Old Sun Community College & includes tuition & fee support, tutoring support and connects you to mentors from the faculty, student body & health community. Students will also have the opportunity to take electives for transfer credit to apply to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at the University of Calgary. Once enrolled in the Nursing program, students will be able to take a majority of classes onsite through a combination of online & in-person.



Complete upgrading through the adult Upgrading Program at OSCC to obtain your English 30-1; Math 30-2; Chem 30 & Bio 30/Science 30

YEAR 2—5

Undergraduate Program as a University of Calgary Nurs-ing student— delivered at OSCC!