Master of Education

A Siksika Master of Education Program (SMED) is proposed as an important initiative in the establishment of leadership development and capacity for teachers, school administrators, principles, managers, and superintendents on the Siksika Nation.

The program will be designed to identify, recruit and develop Siksika individuals to excel as education leaders and enable them to advance toward a productive and rewarding career with the Siksika Nation with either the Siksika Board of Education or Old Sun Community College.


In the 1980’s, the Siksika Nation took over the management of operation of the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education programs from the federal government and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) to begin a new relationship with the rest of Canada. On the Siksika Nation, the Siksika Board of Education is responsible for the elementary and secondary education program and Old Sun Community College is responsible for the post-secondary education program.

The proposed Siksika Master of Education program responds directly to the expressed needs of Siksika Nation Community members to have access to extensive lifelong learning initiatives customized to Siksikaitsitapi (the Blackfoot Nations of Treaty 7 and the Blackfoot Confederacy). There are currently several Siksika Nation members who have completed their Bachelor of Education degree programs and are teaching within community schools. For several years, many of these teachers and other community members have expressed the need for a Master of Education program with a Siksika Knowledge foundation to be delivered within the community.

Old Sun Community College

Current & Upcoming

OSCC will be conducting Community Engagement sessions specific to the Siksika Education Alumni Graduates, both Bachelor and Master degree levels.

Bachelor of Education graduates will be invited to collaborate with OSCC in the area of student recruitment and preparation for the program

Master of Education graduates will be invited to sit on the OSCC Steering Committee, who will be influential in the development of the SMED Program.

If you or anyone would like to sit on this committee please contact OSCC at 403-734-3862, Ext. 231 – Louise Doore (Program Coordinator)