Siksika Knowledge

Oki, and welcome to the Siksika Knowledge webpage.

Siksika Knowledge Studies is governed by the Old Sun Community College’s (OSCC) Comprehensive Institutional Plan. The Comprehensive Institutional Plan reads:
“Old Sun Community College develops and offers quality courses, programs and services tailored to meet the needs of the Siksika Nation and individuals while preserving the Siksika way of Life.”
As such, Siksika Knowledge (SK) Studies offers quality courses in an academic setting. Note that all SK courses are offered on campus, or otherwise posted.

What is Siksika Knowledge?

Siksika Knowledge is the study of the Siksika way of life through the lens of Knowledge keepers and Sksika academics. Over the decades many Siksika Knowledge Keepers have done research and contributed to the local development of resources and implementation of cultural activities; we owe our gratitude to them both iipommowaiks (Ceremonial Knowledge Keepers), and omahkitapiiks (Seniors). The courses themselves focus on history, language, culture, art, tradition and ways of knowing the Siksika people. Additionally, learners will be familiar with the Blackfoot ancestorial territory. However, Siksika Knowledge offers courses that examine legislation that impacts land and Siksika ways of knowing.

There are over 35 Siksika Knowledge courses that have been developed. 17 courses have been approved for transferability to the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, St. Mary’s University, and Athabasca University. 11 additional courses have been accepted for transferability and 10 courses at the developing stage.

Many of the Siksika Knowledge courses provide the foundation (1 year) for the Indigenous Bachelors Social Work program, Bachelors of Nursing program and, Indigenous Business Administration & Management program.

Old Sun Community College

Siksika Knowledge Programs

Siksika Knowledge Certificate: SK certificate requirements is a minimum of 10 SK courses. Each course is a 3-credit course. (total 30 credits).

Siksika Knowledge Diploma: SK diploma requirements is a minimum of 30 SK courses. Each course is a 3-credit course. (Total 60 credits).

Heritage Certificate Program

The Heritage Certification program has yet to be fully developed and meet the requirements for future transferability to the University of Calgary. The program, when fully developed, will consist of 15 courses in both Museum Studies and Archaeology. The page will be updated once the program is ready for implementation.

For more information, please contact the Siksika Knowledge Coordinator, or registrar.