Sylvie Pinard



Sylvie Pinard 

I was born and raised in Montreal and was always fascinated with colors and the beautiful world of art and creation. At a very young age I started dabbling in charcoal drawing, oil painting and mosaics. I consider myself as an artist who tries to express her feelings through art and design. I feel happy when I am able to express serenity through my medium, art, and colors.

Moreover, my fascination with colors guided me towards oil painting and I really started discovering the pleasure of applying colors to create my own images of the world. My work tends to focus less on the practicality of color and more on the use of color to create a mood. I love to create an imaginary world that breaks away from the chaos of reality, providing solace from the stress of everyday life. One of the most important elements of my visual language – “colors” and my love for it is always reflected in all my creations. I have always endeavored to learn and develop the need to understand the visual world of art.