About My Art

Sylvie Pinard

I was born and raised in Montreal and was always fascinated with colors and the beautiful world of art and creation. At a very young age I started dabbling in charcoal drawing, oil painting and mosaics. I consider myself as an artist who tries to express her feelings through art and design. I feel happy when I am able to express serenity through my medium, art, and colors. Moreover, my fascination with colors guided me towards oil painting and I really started discovering the pleasure of applying colors to create my own images of the world. My work tends to focus less on the practicality of color and more on the use of color to create a mood. I love to create an imaginary world that breaks away from the chaos of reality, providing solace from the stress of everyday life. One of the most important elements of my visual language – “colors” and my love for it is always reflected in all my creations. I have always endeavored to learn and develop the need to understand the visual world of art.  

Later in life, in the pursuit of scientific academic studies, I put aside my love for art to obtain a Ph.D. in geology with a specialization in micropaleontology. And this path led me to remarkably interesting places such as the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Alberta, where I eventually set my roots. These environments allowed me to reconnect with nature and observe beauty through color harmonies, textures and shapes/forms which then stimulated the development of my artistic styles and ideals. After that, creativity just flowed naturally to me. I realized that I was always meant to be an artist. The medium of art and design has always given me the freedom to explore what it means to be human. I love art and colors because it is a way of being creative and expressive at the same time. My favorite part of being an artist is that I am free to be as creative as possible. And that’s why I returned to the world of art in 2002 and I expanded my palette to new media and developed new techniques.  


Colors are at the core of my art and aim to invite the viewer to stop, and feel the energy or emotions triggered by them. My art subjects mostly range from landscape to abstract.  My motto is: Experiment, Learn and Create! And that’s why I use my art to express my feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Every time I show someone my work, I feel happy because they are seeing the world through my eyes. Art can be an easy way to express your personality, your dreams, and desires. When I want to relax and let my thoughts wander, I draw. In my free time, I enjoy visiting new places, meeting new people and eating good food.